See Francesco Pierazzi Light-Filled Extension to Suncatcher House

The London Studio Francesco Pierazzi Architects has expanded a suburban house in Croydon, adding two volumes with carefully positioned openings that follow the course of the sun.

The minimalist extension, aptly named Suncatcher, was designed by Francesco Pierazzi Architects to wrap around an existing pitched-roof house of a family of four in Purley.

Along the western edge of the house, a narrow shape creates a new entrance. It also houses secondary functions and has an interior window that directs light into the existing building.

This side annex leads to a new living room, dining room and kitchen inside the rear annex, creating an axis of vision connecting the front and rear of the apartment.

A full-height concealed door leads to the rear annex, which is located under two sections of sloping roof and is pierced by large skylights and overpasses.

“The project is divided into two separate subtasks and organized around two distinctive new buildings,” said Francesco Pierazzi Architects.

“The side addition is monolithic, finished with dark painted plaster to harmonize with the dark bricks and houses secondary functions, [while] the rear addition is designed as a spatial sun and light sensor,” he continued.

Inside, Suncatcher’s white interior accentuates the angular ceilings and deep soffits of the black metal-framed windows, while the minimal hardware of the walls and ceilings accentuates the shapes of the additions.

In the living room, a glazed corner with sliding doors opens onto a south-facing terrace, with a continuous paved floor creating continuity between the interior and the exterior.

This living space rises easily in the kitchen with parquet flooring, defined by a black marble worktop and a splash-proof wall. These are complemented by full-height black cabinets hidden at the northern end of the room under white pendant lights.

“The new building is articulated by “pulling” and “stretching” its edges to create a spectacular and sculptural interior,” said Francesco Pierazzi Architects.

On the outside, the rear extension of Suncatcher has been clad with horizontally laid textured wooden planks that contrast pale with the side extension made dark.

“The back extension is covered with three-dimensional textured wooden planks to create heavy hues and strengthen its sculptural features, creating a stronger relationship with the mature trees at the end of the back garden,” the Studio described.

Francesco Pierazzi Architects was founded in 2014 by the architect Francesco Pierzazzi in London.

The studio’s projects to date include the renovation of a duplex apartment in West London, contrasting the existing industrial character of the building with minimal and modern additions.

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