Look Zozaya Arquitectos Orients Mexican Beach House

The Mexican studio Zozaya Arquitectos has designed a concrete house by the sea characterized by a soothing piece of water on the Pacific coast.

Zozaya Arquitectos (ZAR), named Casa Mateo, completed the 488 square meter residence in Zihuatanejo in 2022.

The house is located on one of the highest peaks of the Punta Garrabo development and offers views of the adjacent sea and the surrounding jungle landscape.

“From the very beginning, the client wanted a house with a very minimal and uncluttered design, but without losing the indigenous and traditional architecture,” the tsar’s director, Daniel Zozaya, told Dezeen.

“We were also inspired by traditional Japanese architecture in some design features.”

A sloping road leads to the property, where an external staircase flanked by weeping stone walls opens onto the central courtyard and the main rectangular reflecting pool oriented perpendicular to the sea.

The house consists of two rectangular concrete shapes with wide roof planes.

The private space of three bedrooms and bathrooms is located to the left of the entrance, characterized by a Coffee-colored wooden lampshade and a hanging rope made of cotton fishing net.

To the right of the entrance – characterized by a floor-to-ceiling sliding glass wall and deep-sea white coral sculptures-are the social areas.

“I wanted to introduce small fragments of habitat into the interior decoration through carefully selected objects,” said Zozaya.

Local stone walls, steel accents and Volcani floor tiles create a monotonous gray palette in the living room, dining room and kitchen that open onto the terrace.

A stainless steel pergola with local branches and polycarbonate provides shade to the large barbecue area next to a sunken seating area.

The master bathroom opens to an infinity pool with a two-sided waterfall edge overlooking the ocean. The pool was built around a pre-existing tree.

The materials have been selected according to quality, local availability and sustainability, while the tones “coexist organically with the natural environment.”

“Water games play a very important role in the house because they bring the Zen mode and The atmosphere and share the social with the private spaces,” said Zozaya, noting The use of water to evoke calm.

“The project adopts passive bioclimatic systems by transverse ventilation in different rooms and adapts to the beach situation of the area,” the studio said.

“Green roofs have been implemented with the idea of imitating the surrounding vegetation, reducing paved areas and creating thermal comfort inside the residence.”

Founded in 1986 on the Pacific coast of Mexico, ZAR is known for its beachfront housing projects. Recently, the studio completed a cliff house with a thatched roof structure and a holiday home with a bamboo umbrella – both in Zihuatanejo.

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