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Beijing CCTV building in China: The future of Asian architecture

As for my last article on the Ryugyong hotel in the North Korean capital or the “Hotel of Destiny”, it seems that Asian countries and their views on architecture are on the rise. Asia has always been at the forefront of industrial design, planned efficiency, booming commercial production and manufacturing from the future to the absolute present.

We Westerners associate our eastern counterparts with technological progress, the occasional Harajuku girl (thanks to Gwen Stefani) and the place where everything is made (in China). However, at the abyss of modern architecture, it seems that Asian architectural structures are leaning towards a common tower of very threatening structural designs.

The CCTV building in Beijing, which now houses the headquarters of China central television, has been in the works for a decade and has come under intense scrutiny. The Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas was commissioned to create this entrance door for the Beijing communication and media center in the early 2000s. The design of the Beijing CCTV building includes two 50-storey conical legs connected by a 13-storey bridge. (Talk about going to the office, especially that corner office.)

For me, the CCTV building is much more than another Advance in the Eastern world. It is more than just a central shrine with a Stalinist design. The CCTV building is a sign, a gateway to the future of modern Asian urban metropolises.

There is something to be said about the recent unveiling of buildings like the Ryugyong Hotel and the CCTV building, and this voice is coming loud and clear. During one of my trips to Japan, I was absolutely delighted with the advanced technology at the airport alone. Japan has always been considered a pedestal of progress.

Although here and now it seems that the entire developed modern Asia is looking to the horizon and looking beyond what we Westerners see. The CCTV building is another important milestone for Asian architectural structures. Soon, the world of Science Fiction will have a new home in the middle of the futuristic-inspired country of the east.

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