Birch Selsdon Hotel Takes Over Old Mansion in Croydon

The British hotel chain Birch is an avant-garde in London, with the Land of designer Sebastian Cox and the Interiors designed by local Studios a-nrd and Sella Concept.

Birch Selsdon is a nineteenth-century Manor house located in the Borough of Croydon and has 181 rooms, a wellness area and a Lido, a Coworking Space and a Mix of Restaurants and Bars.

The building was first converted into a hotel in the 1920s, with extensions and built modifications added over the next century. The room was renovated on the ground floor and in the Hotel in 1920. The room is in the garden and The Hotel was renovated in 1920.

The local studios a-nrd and Sella Concept have adopted a “restorative approach” to the interior works that supports a large part of the existing management for the authorization to the original architect of the building to come out.

The restoration has also been at the center of the concerns of Sebastian Cox, who has developed a management plan for wooded areas for the site of the hotel is located in a street of the administration of the golf course of the 18 holes.

This involves the introduction of pigs and ponies to the soil, which can naturally distribute grains and shape the growing vegetation. The introduction of pigs and ponies to animal husbandry is an introduction to animal husbandry. The other Fairways of the golf course are located in the wetlands and the Bunker is a composition of small reptiles and other sofas.

Cox has also transformed the trees harvested on the ground into a series of furniture for the hotel, creating affordable products and local products all for the offer of ecological avant-plans for the forest.

“Managed forests have a higher biodiversity because when you harvest the trees, the light penetrates the wooded ground and other plants can grow”, a detailed account of an edition of the Klimasalon podcast in December.

“We can therefore categorically affirm that our furniture is really recovering for a nice contribution. He does not just collect materials, he actually contributes to the spaces from which he makes the materials available.”

Among Cox’s furniture, there is a pair of wooden shingled reception desks in the entrance hall, supported by a shaded curtain that reflects the seasonal changing tones of the area around Birch Selsdon. The hotel is set next to restaurants, bars and restaurants.

The floral ceiling and the bas-relief of the room are a summer preserved alongside the walls of the original masonry, which is gushing from behind the curtain.

Moss green velvet sofas as well as wicker armchairs, the potted planter and the Vintage Petal-shaped and Murano glass pendant lights have been manufactured resolutely in all areas.

When guests are hungry, they can go to the verbena restaurant at the Hotel go to your trip if you have a cooking menu at the table.

The space is anchored by two huge arched benches with seat cushions cut with a street camouflage print and the documents in the scientific forest that the Hotel-Forum provides.

Oversized rice paper lanterns are suspended from the ceiling, which is painted in a rich apricot shade to highlight the decorated bas-relief present, the lanterns are hung on cardboard on the oversized walls.

For Drinks, the customers you like at the hotel’s peach-hued Meadow Bar or the Snug, which has a more mature light aesthetic thanks to the dark paneled walls that are not from the Original of the house.

Dressed with tables, coffee tables and Vintage Travertine, The space is a king of sun loungers in colors that, like ochre, olive green and purple, are plum-colored.

On one side of the room there is a curved seating area which next to the room is a collection of pieces that go down in the history of Innovation. Its interior has been rendered in red rose for a beautiful atmosphere and an devoted moment at crèche.

There is also the possibility of relaxing in the Orangery, a space bathed in central light by a sapphire cobalt ondulate sofa, it is an opportunity to linger in the Orangery. The terracotta tiles has a traditional Solarium for women and a nod to the Victorian past of the building.

The aesthetics of the spaces that house the Hotel are maintained in the closed rooms by the Textural Decorative Elements, the bicycles, the linen and the lamps and the Mouth-blown which project a Dappled light on the whitewashed Walls.

The suites and large ones are equipped with a currency lounge, dressed with Plump armchairs and Carpets and Sisal.

The wood from the hotel’s woods was also used to produce 352 ceiling tables for the rooms, all made in Cox’s Kent’s Workshop.

The launch of Birch Self-Maintenance three and only after the opening of the first branch of Birch near Hertfordshire.

It was designed by the Rothirsch architecture studio pour the notion of a luxury hotel and throw a Series of clean rooms with the originals and the unfinished.

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